Originally, each hole had a traditional minigolf obstacle, but they were soon switched to local Bornholm landmarks, which attracted players from all over Bornholm. Each one has been carefully hand-crafted and maintained by different owners throughout the years. This year, they have been newly restored.

woman posing with golf club

Hammerodde Fyr

Hammerodde Lighthouse is on the Northern edge of Bornholm. It was built in 1895 as a supporting lighthouse to Hammeren Fyr, on Hammerknuden, due to excess low clouds and fog. Hammer Odde lighthouse is still in regular use.


Smoked herring is a Bornholm specialty. You can find these smokehouses with the classic chimneys scattered across the island. They are typically a mix of both restaurant and shop.


Hammershus is Scandinavia's largest medieval fortification, situated on Hammeren. Erected in the 13th century, it was constructed as a royal residence for Valdemar II of Denmark and a base for the Danish crusades.


Kongemindet, ”In Memory of the King”, was built in 1856 to commemorate the visit of King Frederik VII and Countess Danner. It is on Rytterknægten, the tallest point on Bornholm. It was heightened in 1899 by 22m and offers a magnificent view over the Southern part of Bornholm.

Østerlars Church

Østerlars Church is a parish church in Østerlarsker Sogn. It is the biggest of the four characteristic round churches on Bornholm. Believed to be built around the year 1150, it still serves parishioners.

Sct. Nicolai Kirke

Sct. Nicolai Kirke is a parish church for Rønne. It is situated close to the harbour and dominates the view of the city. In the medieval ages the church was devoted to the saint of the sailors’ Sankt Nikolaus.


A former rail line between Klemensker and Rø is now an excellent path for biking and hiking in the bottom of a split valley. Some people claim that it is the most beautiful biking path in Denmark!

Stubmølle ved Kampeløkkeåen

The Postmill at the Kampeløkke creek was one of many windmills on Bornholm. Most of them have now disappeared. This one was dismantled in 1895 and replaced by the current Technical School in Allinge.

Bornholmer Færgen

The Ferries to Bornholm commute between Rønne, Ystad, Køge, and Sassnitz. Sandvig Minigolf’s model depicts one of the ferries which used to take 8 hours to cross from Copenhagen to Rønne. Today the old ferries have been replaced with fast catamarans.

Sandvig Minigolf

The last model on our mini golf course represents the Sandvig Golf Hut. Newly restored, the hut was built back in 1951 and is the iconic red and white colours.