Sandvig Minigolf was built on an old apple plantation in 1951. The first owner was named Viggo Abel and it has had many caring owners through the years. In 1958, the Danish Minigolf Championship was held at Sandvig Minigolf, and is yet to be beat!

Back then, Sandvig was a buzzing town centre and Sandvig Minigolf was the ideal place to bring your family, or a date, on a Saturday Night! Now, it still is! Come join us for games, drinks and ice cream while enjoying the beautiful sea view.


A photo of Rita laughing


Originally from Dublin, Rita has lived in Denmark for most of her life. When her kids were young, it was a family tradition to visit Bornholm every year and play minigolf. Rita has traveled the world and spent many years living in Nepal.

She has dreamed of creating a place where friends and family can relax and have fun. Rita now spends half of the year running Sandvig Minigolf and the other half working on development projects in Asia.

A photo of Poul Erik smiling

Poul Erik

A fellow world traveler, Poul Erik was introduced to the minigolf three years ago and fell in love. He has seen most of the world, from Bornholm to Myanmar, and has spent many years working in Afghanistan.

He was knighted by the Queen of Denmark in 2010 for his contributions to world education. He loves music and plays piano in a jazz band.

A photo of Lulu eating a carrot


Lulu is a rescue dog from Copenhagen. She is 11 years old and very sweet. She can often be spotted wandering about Sandvig looking for belly rubs. Her favourite food is carrots.

illustration of krolle bolle



Krølle Bølle is the national troll of Bornholm. He was born on Langebjerg in Sandvig, where he still lives. Every night at midnight, Langebjerg opens up and all the trolls come out and create mischief on the island.

Krølle Bølle has many exciting adventures on Bornholm. If you would like to see Krølle Bølle and his family visit Langebjerg at midnight…